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Hong Kong Circus will be able to provide no less than 21 hours of training spaces each week for artists participating in this programme. They are free to train, create or rehearse their act in this period of time. Other than that, artist-in-resident are required to complete 14 hours of practical work each week- including creative conception, administrative work or teaching (performance is not included).



Danielle from Canada

“I was invited as an exchange skill workshop tutor and a consultant for HONG KONG CIRCUS (HKC). I found the HKC sponsor’s PERFORMCREW to be both professional in their approach to commercial enterprising and driven to exceed in all aspects of the industry.  Performcrew and HONG KONG CIRCUS both wish to promote the art of circus in Hong Kong with the creation of "Hong Kong Circus" a non profit organization dedicated to teaching the Hong Kong community the value of the performing arts.  HKC  has multiple connections to a variety of different artists and their many disciplines, this putting the company in a position of being able to provide and host workshops, training sessions and multi national exchange sessions for local artists. Through the use of their many performers and experience in the commercial industry they are an ideal candidate for the lead  backing of the Hong Kong Circus project.  “  


Leolani Gallardo from United States

“Dear Margaret & Chris 


Thank you so much for inviting me to Hong Kong and to stay in your studio. It was a pleasure teaching here in your city! Please keep in contact. I hope that I can help Hong Kong Circus travel and perform in the U.S one day. Thank you for your kindness. Kiss + blessings"


- Leolani  

This video has been deleted.


Solveiga Baltusyte,

Ritti Soncco (Inverted Circus & Pole Fitness's Director & founder) 

from Scotland

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