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愛 與 熱情

Theme: Life in Hong Kong



Have we lost our passion in our day-to-day repetitive routines?  On the MTR, everyone is busy with their own duties: endless messages, games, makeup... In this bustling, hectic city, do we still remember our bonds? 

When a child’s dreams are bounded by expectations, who can they truly look up to? A petty construction worker who is yet dedicated and skillful in his job? Or an less influential housewife who nurtures and heartens her family?


Beneath this tedious lifestyle, lies your passion… lingering. With our fire, we hope relit this flame of yours as well as those around you. 

Acts: Contemporary Dance, Percussion, Aerial Silks, Fire knife (Additional stilts walkabouts after show)


Behind the Scene:

Based on real daily life stories in Hong Kong, this 30-minute outdoor multimedia show is both entertaining and thought provoking. Taking place in the Palm Garden of Tin Shui Wai Park, the performance is a part of the festive programme organized for residents living in Tin Shui Wai, a region packed with public housing estates.


Produced and performed by 5 core Hong Kong Circus Members, it offers audience free-of-charge entertainment while presenting to them, in a comprehensible art form, the paradoxical situations that we encounter every day, exploring the themes of Fantasy VS Reality, Isolation VS Connection.

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