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2021 《Cotton Candy Clouds》Tai Kwun


Parade Ground @ Tai Kwun , Central 大館中環


9 - 11 APR, 2021 ( Fri- Sun)

09.04.2021 | 2:30pm & 5pm ( Fri )

10-11.04.2021 | 1:30pm & 4pm ( Sat , Sun)

由六個演員,飾演六個角色, 主角菲菲, 小鳥莉莉, 風先生,雨哥哥, 彩虹妹妹和 雲組姐將帶領觀眾在大館檢閱廣場翱翔,尋找雲的味道。

Six Performers in six charactors , Main actor FayFay ,Pet bird Lin Lin , Mr Wind, Mr Rain , Miss rainbow and Miss Cloud will have audiences soaring from the Parade Ground at Tai Kwun in search of the taste of clouds.

「菲菲是一個夢想吃到雲的小女孩,相信雲是如棉花糖一樣的甜。一天,她與她的寵物小鳥莉莉出發到雲那裡去,莉莉提醒菲菲,天空不是表面般的平靜,雲層中充滿未知和危險。莉莉不相信菲菲最終能夠達成目標,但菲菲相信只要她找到彩虹小姐 ,她就會找到答案。就在討論之際,風先生在雲後正等待菲菲的到來⋯⋯」

Cotton Candy Clouds is a story about FayFay, a little girl who is trying to fly to the clouds because she believes that the clouds taste like cotton candy. She starts her journey with her pet bird LinLin. LinLin reminds FayFay that the sky is not as calm as it seems. Instead, there is unknown danger between layers of clouds. LinLin doesn't think FayFay would achieve the goal. FayFay tells LinLin that she can get her answer if she could find Miss Rainbow. Meanwhile, Mr. Storm is hiding behind the clouds and expecting FayFay to come…

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